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Summer weddings are wonderful, the weather typically allows for many possible outdoor locations, a huge selection of beautiful flowers and long summer days, so you can celebrate late into the evening with the sun still shining bright. If you’ve taken on the role of helping your daughter or son with their summer wedding plans, you might find these tips and ideas useful in getting started.

Help Your Daughter Plan For a Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Locations:

There is so much more choice when it comes to location. Unlike a winter wedding when you are confined to the indoors, this usually isn’t a problem in summer, even in the UK. Here are some ideas for the perfect outdoor setting.

Countryside set in the fields: When you think of a field it might not appear particularly exciting, but if you can find the right field, surrounded by beautiful works of nature with lots of open space, it can be transformed it into almost any vision your daughter might have. Think of it as a blank canvas.

Forest Wedding: Something a little different and a perfect setting for a woodland themed wedding. If you can find somewhere with a clearing in the forest, you could create something magical. You might also be able to access woodland cabins for some of the important guests.

Country House: A historical country house, or well-known old building can be a beautiful location, with the building acting as a feature, your daughter’s wedding could be set in the gardens or countryside surrounding it.

Traditional Church: You might be wondering how you can bring summer into a traditional church wedding. Village themed summer-fete style weddings are popular choices to maintain the church element, but also make the most of the open space near or around the church.

Summer Flowers:

Cream sweet peas as cut flowers look beautiful in a summer’s wedding bouquet. They are delicate and elegant, they also come in a range of colours to go with almost any colour scheme. In the summer your daughter will be able to choose from hundreds of different flowers, how will she possibly decide? Cut flower sweet peas are a good place to start and would look fantastic in all of our summer location suggestions.

Wedding planning can start to get very complicated and overwhelming once you get really stuck in. As the mother it’s a lovely idea to buy the couple a wedding planning book or folder as an engagement present. You could also add headings into the book to break down each part of the planning process, flowers, location, outfits, etc.

Pinterest is a really great tool for pulling together wedding ideas and provides so much inspiration, you won’t be short on suggestions once you’ve spent some time pinning. If your daughter doesn’t already have a Pinterest wedding board created, it would make a great starting point and something nice for you to do together.

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