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If you struggle with body image and you’re not sure where to start, then this article is for you. Here are some top styling tips for the fuller figure.

Colours, Cuts & Patterns

Get to know how to flatter or hide certain areas of your body. Colours, cuts and patterns are important in doing this. Dark colours hide those areas we don’t want to show off, while light colours highlight our best bits. Know what colours look good on you, something that a specialist shop can help you with. A flattering colour will make your skin tone glow, but if it’s wrong you can end up looking washed out. Plain colours elongate your figure, whereas deeper colours can be more flattering on someone with paler tones.

Big patterns make you look bigger, while small patterns do the opposite. For a fuller figure, avoid horizontal stripes and ruffles in areas that you want to appear smaller. Wearing ruched and gathered fabric on areas you want to make smaller can work well.

“The UK designer Condici is very good at using this technique in dresses,” says Liz of Compton House. “Condici styles are ideal for larger ladies as the ruching and gathers gives shape in the waist and discreetly hides the tummy, which for some people is a problem area.”

Avoid buying ‘tent’ like clothing. Clothes that are too big will not do your shape any favours and will make your look bigger. Select fabrics that don’t cling, but drape nicely. Buy what fits and rely on colours, patterns and embellishments to draw the eye away from your flaws.

Finally, it’s worth investing in quality, structured fabrics and ignore the sizes on the hangers as they vary between designers.

Know Your Body Shape

Pear-shaped – For weight on your hips and legs, go for an outfit with a nipped waist and avoid shapeless garments or clothes that outline your hips and waist. A plunging V-neck or embellished neckline draws the attention away from your lower body.

Apple-shaped – For weight around your stomach and shoulders, dress to flatter your top half and draw attention away from the middle. Wide straps on dresses work well, and you can emphasise your bust with V-necks or A-line dresses. If you have a thick middle, you need to give the appearance of elongating your torso and draw attention away from the waist. Dress with an empire or drop waist to re-define your waistline.

Whatever shape you are, if you want to show off your forearms wear a three-quarter sleeve, otherwise wear a full or short sleeve. If you have heavy arms, avoid sleeves or cap sleeves dresses and go for full-length sleeves or fuller three-quarter length sleeves.

If you love your bust line, dresses with deeps Vs or halter necks are attractive for accentuating a big bust. Select fabrics that skim the body, rather than stretchy or clingy fabrics that can make the bust look too big.

Lingerie & Statement Accessories

Larger women can pull off wearing large, bold jewellery that would overwhelm smaller-framed women. Accessories have the power to attract the eye to your best asset, accentuating the sophisticated look. They can make a great statement.

Wear well-fitting lingerie. It’s hard to look good when your bra doesn’t support you sufficiently, or you are wearing the wrong support pants. A good bra will lift your figure and make you look younger. To lose a bit of girth around your hips and thighs, wear low-legged, high-waisted underwear. Seamless coverage is a great foundation to a well-fitted outfit, so it’s always worth visiting a lingerie service for a personal fitting.

The number one rule is to choose a wedding outfit that reflects your personal style and makes you look and feel good. If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit it will impact on your experience, feeling good is extremely important for the big wedding day.

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