Let’s Hear it for the Mums

Diary Alert! Diary Alert…..

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and while we rush around and gather up the chocs, pressies and flowers, this is the perfect time for us all to think about what this special day is all about and what makes this tradition so important to us.

We all know who has been our significant “mother” role model in our lives, whether it be your mum, grandma, auntie or even that lovely neighbour next door. They have played an influential part in making us who we are today, from the generous hugs, to wiping our noses, to cooking our favourite meal and happily tackling that mountain of ironing that lands on their doorstep. They were there to guide and support us all one way or another and hopefully it is being passed on to the next generation of mum’s.

It can be a sister from another mister or a mother from another brother, but the mother figures in all our lives deserve a mention on this special spring day.

So let’s hear it for the mum’s. Bake the cake, make her tea and toast in bed, gather up a pretty bouquet or pour her a glass of fizz. Whatever you do – make it special!


Where did it all begin?

Well, a long time ago to be exact, with 16th century mums enjoying the day by going to church with their families. This was known as “a-mothering”. No presents, sadly for these mothers, but they did get a day off!

Winding the story on a little more and this day was seen as a celebration of families and getting together particularly for those who were servants in service in the grand houses and stately mansions of the time. Think “Downton Abbey” and you will get some idea of just how hard they worked and how much this day off was anticipated.

The giving of flowers – where did that come from? Well, that originated from wild flowers being picked from the fields and hedgerows by the servants as they were walking home to be given to their mum’s or used to decorate the church.


The tradition of Mothers Day is celebrated world-wide with France enjoying “Fetes de Meres”with gifts, cards and of course long and very delicious meals. Meanwhile in Mexico things are taken a little more seriously with the day filled with music, food, parties and each mother being serenaded very early in the morning by Mariachi singers and their family.

We think that the Mexican mums would prefer that bit, maybe a little later in the day so she could enjoy the hoped for traditional Mothers Day lie-in?

But hey, who are we to upset traditions!

What do we do

Here at Compton House of Fashion we understand Mums, particularly where mother of the bride and mother of the groom roles within a wedding are concerned. We work hard to make the visit to our shop, at whatever point they are on their mother of the bride journey as easy and pleasurable as possible.

Let’s face it, we have been doing this for a long time and we love it!

Mothers of the bride or groom come in all shapes and sizes and can arrive at our door feeling anxious, body-conscious, nervous and utterly confused at the thought of this all important purchase. All they do know is that they want to be stylish, flattering (accentuate the positive and hide the not so ), comfortable (because you are in this outfit for a long time, let’s be honest). Most of all though, they want to do their son or daughter proud on their very special day.

Meanwhile, the whole team here are all mums or grannies or aunties, so we understand this minefield of matrimonial retail therapy that some mums of the bride may be anticipating.

In fact ,one very important member of the team is a soon to be a mother of the bride and is excitedly preparing for the summer wedding of one of her lovely daughters! We are all helping with her outfit choices and feeling equally excited and happy for her and the happy couple.

Where to Start

Like walking into a sweet shop and not knowing what lovely goodies to buy, shopping for mother of the bride or groom outfits can sometimes be overwhelming, but start you must, with that all important date looming

So here are some final thoughts to help you get started…

Try to give yourself plenty of time. This is really important when you are both researching and spending time trying on outfits. Most importantly, don’t leave it too late to get those “wished for” outfits tried on.

Come prepared, with shoes or the style of shoes you think you might like to wear on the day and be open minded. Very often, the hours spent looking at styles, colour and designs at home can be wiped away when you find that perfect dress, in an unexpected design and colour, but that you know is “the one”.

A Ronald Joyce Tea Drees with show stopping hat -a perfect Mother of the Bride combination of style and comfort

Style number 991416

Condici outfit making a statement in Blue and Ivory – a stylish and classic look

Style number 11342

Whatever we call our important and significant mother figure – Mum, Mummy, Mother, Mumsy, Ma or Mama – we know that she deserves to feel and look good as the mother of the bride or groom on their wonderful and special day.

To know that she is going to feel great from those inevitable first tears at “I Do” to making those serious moves on the dance floor at midnight!

Have a great Mothers Day, Mum…