Our Top Tips for a Mature or Second Time Bride

Here at Compton House of Fashion, not only do we provide our services to Mothers of the Bride & Groom, we also cater for Mature & Second Time Brides.

Our buying team are very mindful of this when they go to London to see the Designers and they choose versatile outfits suitable for everyone regardless of shape or size.

Primarily we cater for our Mum’s but we also look at different styles, colours etc that would suffice for a Mature or Second time Bride. We now are building up our stock in order to provide the perfect outfit for all Special Occasions and events.

older bride and groom on park bench

What is Appropriate to Wear

There are no rights or wrongs when choosing your Wedding Dress or Wedding Outfit. On average, most Mature Brides like coverage to their arms, so they will prefer a pretty sleeve or even a cape incorporated into the dress. Some Brides would like to have full length or ballet length as above the knee is not so popular for a Wedding Outfit.  Some Brides would prefer to opt for a more formal look and choose a simplistic Dress & Jacket, however, whichever you choose just remember you need to be you, feel comfortable and look amazing on your special day.



While Weddings are still heavily influenced by tradition, your Wedding does not have to be governed by etiquette from decades ago so in regard to choosing a colour.  A Mature or Second time Bride may decide that the traditional White or Ivory tone is something they would like to wear on their wedding day.

There are now so many beautiful outfits & dresses that are not the traditional Bridal Gown but can equally have the ‘Bridal look’. To wear a ‘colour’ is a perfect way to incorporate your personality into your wedding and to be comfortable in the outfit you have chosen, which is so very important.

Remember, it is your special day and you need to be relaxed and happy in what whatever you choose to wear.


Once again this is personal choice. Some Brides may decide to opt for a beautiful Tiara and some Brides may choose a delicate feather fascinator to match also and other Brides may prefer a more structured headpiece such as a Hatinator or Hat.

As long as the headpiece you choose compliments your outfit and completes your overall look, once again there are is no right & wrong, it is what works for you and the look you wish to achieve.

older couple beach weddingAccessories

Your Wedding will be such a memorable day (and potentially a long one) for you & your family. Your finishing touches are just as important as choosing your Dress or Outfit. Shoes will need to be comfortable and in tone with the colour you have chosen. If your Dress or Outfit is in a soft subtle colour then we advise to match your shoe in the same tone as it will create a seamless look, however if you choose to wear a colour on your wedding day then adding a brighter shoe to compliment would work too. Some Brides may choose a bouquet to hold whilst walking down the aisle but again if your wedding is slightly a more formal occasion then a matching clutch bag would be perfect also.

Just remember this is your wedding day, be it your second marriage or your first marriage later in life, either or it is such a special day that you need to savour every moment from setting the date, to choosing your outfit, to walking down the aisle and then partying the night away…choose what is right for you and do not be governed by ‘what should be’.

We will find dresses for you to try on , we will also make suggestions based on our experience gained over many yearsthat you think you will like. At no time will you be pressured to make a decision we only want you to be proud & comfortable in what you choose.