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Compton House Of Fashion

Compton House Of Fashion

Sales Map of Southern England

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our fabulous customers, for choosing to shop at Compton House of Fashion over the last few years.

We wanted to share a snippet from our map of sales across the UK, since 2013. It’s fantastic to see the sheer spread of sales from our independent shop in Somerset. We are proud of the distance that our clients are prepared to travel, in order to receive the very best service from our wonderful team and of course such a unique choice in dresses.

If you’ve worn a Compton House of Fashion outfit to the big day, we’d love to hear from you. If you have time, please leave a review of your experience on our Facebook page and we would be extremely grateful, thank you.

Thanks for choosing Compton House of Fashion Thanks for choosing Compton House of Fashion

Friendly Team

Ladies in the team understand any doubts and uncertainties you may have as they are of a similar age – they will understand how you want to look, whilst at the same time providing alternative styles and suggestions.

We are never over persuasive and everyone is given time to make any decisions, perhaps over coffee or lunch in the restaurant.

A Virtual Tour Our Reviews

To navigate between the ground and first floor, click on either the ‘G’ or ‘1’ button respectively, located to the right of the shop map below.

Alteration service

It matters how your clothes fit. We are all different shapes but so often when you put on clothing, it doesn’t fit perfectly.

That is where a professional tailoress is invaluable for getting your outfit just right. We have in-house tailoresses who will give you a perfect fit. They have many years’ experience and can do everything from taking an outfit down one size or more to reworking bodices.

They know that getting it right not only comes from the perfect stitch or neatly-pressed hem but in listening to clients’ individual needs.Their work is completed to the highest standard with one simple aim: ensuring that the customer is happy with the fit, finish and quality.It is best to book alterations when you purchase your outfit and they usually take one or two weeks. The alterations are separate to the cost of an outfit and paid directly to the seamstress. Half-hour fittings are by appointment on Thursday afternoons, or you can visit The tailoress in her own studio studio.

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