Bride Left, Groom Right, Wedding Guest Centre Stage

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For most” brides to be” finding their perfect wedding dress is the most important detail on her full and extensive wedding planning “to do list”. Most brides will spend many weeks and months researching websites, seeking advice and trawling bridal magazines, trying to find… just the right dress. It’s an exciting and stressful time but when they do eventually say “Yes to that dress”! there is an audible sigh of relief many happy tears and much champagne from the whole wedding team! Continue reading “Bride Left, Groom Right, Wedding Guest Centre Stage”

Special Occasion Dresses for Graduation Day

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Maybe some of us can remember the day we dropped off our little son or daughter at pre or primary school. They were all excited and nervous, new haircuts and uniforms way too big (“don’t worry you’ll grow into it !”) and you were equally nervous and tearful that they are leaving you. Fast forward many years of ballet, football, school projects, exams and sleep overs and you are now checking your diary and planning for their forthcoming graduation ceremony.  Continue reading “Special Occasion Dresses for Graduation Day”

A History of Dresses at the Races

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For more than a hundred years the races have given women the opportunity to show off their most beautiful dresses and impressive hats and fascinators. Trends have changed but many of the traditions remain the same, especially within the most famous and formal racing arenas like the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. But where did these traditions come from and why is dressing your best such an important part of a day at the races?

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Headpiece For The Races

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Hats and fascinators are undoubtedly a huge part of dressing for a day at the races, but have you ever wondered why they are such a big deal? “Racing was called the sport of kings and for good reason,” as Australian milliner Richard Nylon explains. “It is an expensive sport, so people who could afford to stable, look after horses and pay for people to ride them had a lot of money. With money goes prestige, with prestige goes fashion and, back then, with fashion went hats. It became a way for a lady to display her status and fashionability.”

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