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Guide To A Rainy Wedding Day

It’s hard to predict the British weather and even our meteorologists can get forecasts wrong – remember BBC weatherman Michael Fox and the 1987 hurricane.

Even the best-laid wedding plans are hostage to the changeable weather, so it’s good to have a backup in place that will enable you to weatherproof your wedding.

Thinking outside the box and doing the necessary preparation means less stress on the day or less likelihood of the couple having a meltdown, if it’s wet weather or even snow.

Don’t let it rain on your parade: weatherproof your wedding

Forward planning will save a washout

Plan alternative places to have drinks and the photos. An outdoor ceremony can easily be moved into a barn or under an awning outside the venue building. Most outdoor ideas can work indoors with forward planning unless, of course, it’s lawn games or sky lanterns.

If you’ve booked a band to play outside, talk to the venue about where they will go if it rains and what is ideal for the acoustics.

Work out with your photographer the best indoor and outdoor backdrops for portraits; that way, you and your groom won’t be soaked waiting in the rain while it’s being sorted out. It’s surprising how softer lighting and the background of misty skies can look so more romantic than glaring sunshine.

Use a white sheet to stand on for formal shots to keep your dress from getting dirty, particularly if the ground is wet. Have a loop added to the dress so you can walk comfortably with your train. Veils not only look great in photos but also protect hair and make-up.

Don’t let it rain on your parade: weatherproof your wedding

Consider a post-wedding shoot

It’s important to keep warm; have a wrap or shrug handy in case temperatures drop – it doesn’t feel or look good to shiver.
If the rain spoils the opportunity for gorgeous outdoor shots, the couple should consider having a post-wedding photo-shoot for two to three hours on another day.

In the past few years floods and snow have disrupted everything and that has included weddings. An insurance policy is the best solution in case you are forced to cancel or rearrange the celebration. Insurers say that adverse weather conditions need to be such that they disrupt travel so badly that it stops the wedding party and guests attending.

A great opportunity to have fun

Sometimes rain never stops play when it comes to fun photos. It can be a great opportunity to rekindle the child in you!
Who wants to drag those eye-wateringly expensive designer shoes through the wet and mud? It’s the chance for the bride to put on her co-ordinated wedding willies, the bridegroom to roll up his trousers and both to dance in the rain.
Having make-up handy will allow the bride to re-do during the day in case the rain affects the look. This will be a true test of waterproof mascara!

When setting out for the ceremony, have an elegant umbrella in the wedding car to protect the bride as she gets out. Supply guests with matching umbrellas – see-through ones particularly look good in photos.

Importance of extra grooming

Rainproof your hairstyle – talk to your hairdresser about products that will stop hair frizzing in the rain. Flexible-hold hairsprays do a great job. If you wear your hair up, it’s less likely to be spoiled if there’s moisture in the air.
For dealing with flyaway strands of hair, use a new toothbrush and spray it with a strong hold hairspray to gently brush away flyaway strands. You’ll be pleased with that extra bit of grooming when you look at the photos later.
Another good thing to have ready, if it’s been raining, is a towel to wipe down a bench or whatever so the couple can sit down for the photos.

Be flexible with your time and don’t be afraid to wait things out. If the weather looks like it will clear, making a snap decision to move indoors, only to see the sun come out moments later, can be a shame.

Bulk-buy ponchos or ask on the invitations for guests to bring them as they are ideal for keeping dry. Have a box indoors for storing the umbrellas and wellies.

Bad weather is not in your control but it doesn’t have to ruin the wedding. Love your alternative plan, otherwise you’ll be miserable on your day.

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