Why travel from London or Birmingham to Compton House of Fashion?

Our customers come from all over the country even from abroad to visit us, in the map below we have plotted where our customers from Southern England have travelled from to buy their outfits.

Thanks for choosing Compton House of Fashion

If you are considering purchasing a Mother of the Bride Dress or a Wedding Guest Outfit it’s really important that you visit us in person if you possibly can. The majority of our customers do this because they value the advice that you get from our expert team. It is also not uncommon for customers to have an outfit in mind from the website but after trying a number of different outfits, they buy something completely different. Take a look at some of the 400+ reviews to get a first-hand account of why a visit is beneficial.

As you might expect the majority of our customers travel from the South West region including Devon and Cornwall. However, a significant number travel a lot further to purchase a mother of the bride outfit particularly from London, Birmingham and South Wales. We are only 15 miles from Junction 22 & 10 miles from Junction 21 on the M5.

Why do people travel so far?

Choosing the right outfit for the big day takes serious consideration and you’ll want to be absolutely certain that you have chosen a dress that is completely comfortable, feels great to wear and makes you proud to be seen among all of your wedding guests.

At Compton House of Fashion, we stock 1000s of dresses by highly renowned designers who exclusively design Special Occasion Dresses and Outfits. The majority of outfits are available from petite to plus sizes. Each style also comes in a variety of colours so we can pretty much guarantee that you will find the perfect wedding outfit.

Our team of experts are on hand to provide advice, encouragement and tailoring services. We always ask about your budget so we know about how much you plan to spend. We would recommend that you bring someone along with you who knows you well as they will be a vital sounding board, this could be your daughter or a close friend. They will give you the confidence that you have made the correct choice.

Quite a few customers find choosing hats and fascinators a little daunting as most aren’t used to wearing them. Our team will put you at ease, encourage you to try on as many as you need to. They are never pushy, their only aim is for you to find the perfect outfit that makes you feel a million dollars.

Part of our 1000 collection of Mother of the Bride Dresses, Hats & Fascinators Virtual Tour

What if I can’t travel to you?

We always recommend that you do but if it is just not possible or you live abroad we do have a Distance Ordering Service We have many International customers. You can return the Outfit within 7 days & only have to pay a handling charge. We ask that you provide us with your measurements so that we can accurately judge your right size.

Our location just off the M5 makes travelling from London a breeze, it is roughly a 3-hour journey. Bristol International Airport is only 45 minutes away by taxi which we can organise for you. We can arrange accommodation if you want to stay overnight in the village. Once you arrive we encourage you to relax and take your time, there is no limit on the number of dresses that you can try on, customers are often surprised by the sheer volume of dresses that we stock.

This is what one happy customer, who travelled 75 miles from from Oxford, said about her experience.

“We travelled from Oxford in anticipation and we were not disappointed. What a gem. I knew as soon as I entered the shop, that I would find something. What a splendid choice. The staff were all very efficient, but I must especially praise Suzi, who was most kind, had a wonderful eye for detail and found the perfect outfit. Just 2 things, I hadn’t realised that hats were coordinated with set outfits. All in all a fabulous experience, I shall highly recommend. Thank you all.”

Why Compton House of Fashion?

There aren’t many occasions that call for you to really invest time to buy a really special outfit. So why not go all out for this occasion, make a day of your trip and enjoy everything about choosing your outfit, from the warm welcome by our team to trying on some lovely outfits to your ultimate purchase.

Our shop in the beautiful village of Wedmore is the principal authority on Mother of the Bride outfits and special occasion wear in Southern England. Prior to your visit, we encourage you to take a good look at our website which has a wealth of information including an extensive blog, Q&As, a virtual tour and over 400 positive reviews. Many of our reviews comment on how helpful and our team are, they are never pushy, they are truly supportive in helping you come to the right decision for your outfit for the special day.

Julia M – April 3, 2019

“Where do I start, we arrived on Saturday morning 30th March greeted by a fashion assistant called Susie, I explained I was there to just look for styles and colours for my son’s wedding in June not to try anything on, Susie advised to try something on to get an idea of what would suit me, Susie could see I was nervous and promptly put me at ease, looking at me straight in my eyes and saying it’s ok to feel like that, and that they deal with all shapes and sizes that visit them and by the time I had tried on a few dresses I would had enjoyed the morning spent there. How true Susie was, she chose a few dresses to try on asking me the colour of the bridesmaids and the groom, I have never experienced such a fun, informative session Susie knew exactly what would suit my shape size, and exactly what hat would match the dress. I wasn’t rushed, only kind words. I eventually picked one dress that even made my daughter cry amazing. So I came in not expecting to try anything on and went out with a dress and a hat. I will never forget how special Susie and the rest of the staff made me feel. 5 stars, 10 stars, 100 stars, 1000 stars, excellent from start to finish.”

Alexandra G – July 20, 2019

“I had never heard of this shop but having had a somewhat ‘off putting’ experience in Cheltenham whilst looking for that all important outfit for my sons up coming wedding, I looked on line for similar shops and found Compton House of Fashion. Not too far to travel and easy to find – WOW – From the moment we stepped into this fabulous shop – with truly friendly ( not pushy ) staff, I new that from their extensive stock (thousands of beautiful garments to choose from). I was going to find something that fitted and flattered my awkward shape! With all the stock displayed in colour block and clearly sized it was an absolute delight to select some outfits to try on. (They even give you your own rail to assist you with your selection as you peruse) When I was ready, Pauline was so helpful – nothing was too much trouble for her – and an experience I had actually felt I was dreading – turned into an enjoyable and successful afternoon. I won’t even touch on their stock of hats – shoes bags – absolutely amazing ! If you are looking for that special occasion outfit PLEASE DON’T MISS Compton House Of Fashion – It is so worth while a look and the team there are really amazing.”