The day you walk up the aisle with your family and friends watching on, will be the happiest day of your life. A day that no doubt will have taken months of planning, to ensure that everything is as special as you had imagined it to be. During the planning stages, it’s likely that some of the most important people in your life will have offered their advice and assistance, taking care of all the small things and keeping you calm and composed, as you slip on your wedding dress. But how do you thank these people adequately?

Gifts for Bridesmaids

We believe that bridesmaids’ gifts are the ideal solution. Choosing the perfect gifts can be difficult and certainly shouldn’t be left until the last minute, which is why we’ve compiled the following gift guide to provide you with some inspiration.

Personalised Gifts

Presenting someone with a personalised gift, can be a nice way of saying you put a lot of thought into choosing something special for them. This could range from jewellery or a jewellery box which has been engraved with the wedding date, through to personalised hankies, cups or glasses. Many gift companies provide a range of items which can be personalised, from the sentimental right through to the quirky. So if your maid of honour has a completely different taste to the mother, that isn’t a problem, there is something for everyone so you don’t necessarily need to purchase the same gift for everyone. You might also consider the theme of your wedding and tie in the theme with your gift choice.

Keepsake Gifts

Perhaps one of the most precious gifts, is a keepsake item that you’ve put together yourself. A great idea is a Wedding day scrapbook, it’s an ideal way to include various memorabilia from the Wedding itself. This gift will need to be given after the event, so that you are able to include things like photos, invites, maybe even some confetti! This is a great way for the mother to remember the event and look back at the big moment one day in the future. It’s also something for them to show the grandchildren, so if you opt for this one, get creative and really go to town with the crafts.

Since you will have to wait until after the wedding to give this gift, you might like to present some flowers or jewellery to them on the day, so that the rest of the family can thank them too.

Something For the Day

Nothing says ‘thank you’ more than a unique gift in preparation for the day itself. It’s a great way to make your Mother feel special and part of the Wedding. Treat her to the all-important dress, her co-ordinating shoes, or even her accessories. You could make a day of it and visit a shop like us, offering an extensive range of unique outfits.

With everything involved in wedding planning, it can be very easy to focus on all the details for the day and forget about those all-important gifts. Don’t leave it until the last minute, because finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy.

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