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Planning your wedding is an exciting milestone as you tie the knot with the one you love. Everyone wants to make their wedding stand out and there’s no better way to do so than having a weird and unusually themed wedding. It seems that dressing up and doing the playful character bit is no longer the domain of the fancy dress party.

Be creative with your wedding themes

Themed weddings are becoming more popular as couples, who aren’t afraid to break away from what people normally do for weddings, fully embrace the fantasy route. Admittedly, it takes a certain something to appear on your wedding day painted green and dressed as characters out of the Hollywood blockbuster film ‘Shrek’. Making a memorable impact is what springs to mind! It seems that anything goes from having your wedding in the midst of a casino with the tingling of the casino slot machines in the background to making a splash at an underwater wedding.

Think about your guests

The important thing about a themed wedding is to choose a theme that means a lot to you. But beware if it is a last minute whim it will show and it may be less special, possibly cringe making, when you look back on the day in years to come. Some couples choose a theme that dates well so the key is to do your research. Themed weddings can cost more especially if you go all-out with setting the scene. The theme doesn’t have to be included in every element of your wedding; sometimes hints are enough. If you don’t have a big budget and still want a themed wedding, try and find inexpensive DIY ways to create your vision.

If you have your dream dress, choose your theme wisely. The theme you want may clash with the dress. If you don’t have your wedding dress you should try and mould your gown and decor around the theme. I know it’s your wedding day and you and your partner have the right to theme your wedding in whatever way you wish but, dare I say it, think about your guests. You want them to have a good time so avoid a menu that’s too unusual, don’t host your wedding in a location that is very difficult to find or impractical and give plenty of notice to guests if you want them in themed costume. In the wedding invitations offer ideas and places to rent/buy them. Some guests may be uncomfortable with dressing up so allow them to dress how they like while also letting them get into the fancy dress spirit otherwise there could be a dramatic drop out rate on the guest list!

Wacky and bizarre ideas

Themes are suppose to be fun and certainly some couples know how to have a good time. Here are some wacky wedding ideas around the globe that floated the boat of many couples from bizarre to downright ridiculous. It will either inspire you on what you would like to create on your wedding day or flag up what not to spend your money on. I’d go for the later.

Normally when you find a favourite pair of shoes at a department store you buy them and wear them as soon as possible. One couple in the US decided that the shoe section in their favourite shop was the place to exchange their vows. The wedding took place during store opening times and shoppers were involved in the ceremony. They formed a guard of honour outside as the groom and bride emerged through the automatic doors. Wonder if they were offered a special celebratory discount?

Your entire party could be superheroes for the day which is what happened to one set of guests in the UK when the bride decided she wanted to be Wonder Woman while her groom was Batman. Maybe the couple just wanted to embarrass her relatives. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the invites went out. The families went along with the theme dressing and the characters the Joker, Lara Croft and Iron Man made appearances.

For the adrenaline-fuelled types

Some couples get together and find out that they have a lot in common and one of those passions maybe going on roller coasters. Many amusement parks offer marriage ceremonies in the US so couples can share their love of the experience by getting married before, after or saying ‘I do’ in the middle of a ride adding ahhhh as they go hurtling down an enormous drop. In the UK one newly married couple carried on their celebrations on the big dipper. Problem with this is that your guests risk throwing up behind you.

For extreme types and certainly not for the faint hearted, how about a bungee jump together? You can say your vows sixty feet off the ground before jumping off a platform. Couples can have the entire wedding party on the platform but that’s a great reason to keep the guest list short!

Baring all

In another case in Australia the bride didn’t have to worry about finding the right dress for her wedding when she and the bridegroom won a wedding ceremony in a local radio station competition but they were required to get married naked. The bride only wore a veil and discreetly kept her dignity in tact while the bridegroom covered himself with just a hat to keep blushes to the minimum. The guests were fully clothed.

Other popular themes include the spells and wizardry of Harry Potter, dressing up as die-hard Trekkies from the popular Star Trek series, capturing the magical world of Alice Wonderland and staging a zombie set following the hugely popular TV series The Walking Dead and the launch of zombie video games which have made zombies very desirable. Believe it or not brides-to-be want to be part of the spooky action. Of course, it means everyones make up will take a lot longer! Slightly less challenging are laidback festival themes with tipis, bunting and live bands. Whatever theme you choose may it be memorable.

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