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Guide To Choosing Wedding Transport

The song ‘Get me to the church on time!’ must have been ringing in the ears of one panic-stricken couple left stranded on the way to their wedding when their car broke down. Stephanie and David Ritchie from Paisley in Scotland never imagined who would come to the rescue: a passing police car. The quick-thinking policewoman rushed them to the hotel in time to exchange vows. It wasn’t quite the transport the couple had hoped to arrive in but full marks for originality.

Classic, vintage or downright wacky wedding wheels – it’s a matter of taste

Overtaking the conventional classics

Transport is big business for weddings and an important part of the day, because arriving at your wedding is a seriously exciting moment. The vehicle sets the stage for the start of the ceremony. The couple’s choice of transport is their way to stamp their personality on the style of the day. Wedding cars such as sleek Daimlers, Bentleys or Rolls-Royces are always going to be popular but for those who want something a bit different, vintage or wackier, racier alternatives are overtaking the conventional classics.

Classic, vintage or downright wacky wedding wheels – it’s a matter of taste

A smooth and fun ride

So, how do you make sure you have a smooth and fun ride without transport hitches?

Like the couple at the start of this blog, you don’t want glitches to get your day off to an awkward start. If you are driving yourself it’s best to have a back-up plan in case anything goes wrong such as the vehicle breaking down.

Being late because of heavy traffic in a town or city can create extra stress so do some research to see if there are events happening in the area of your wedding that will create traffic delays. If so, add extra travel time. Drive the route yourself to check how long it takes and bear in mind that getting excited people on time into various cars is not always easy! Work out a plan showing who in the wedding party needs transport and make sure everyone knows where they will be going and with whom.

Work out how many cars you need and book at least six months in advance through a reputable wedding car hire company. Check the prices of hiring your vehicles for the length of time that you will need them.

Classic, vintage or downright wacky wedding wheels – it’s a matter of taste

Etiquette about travel arrangements

Traditionally, the bride goes with her father to the ceremony. Before she leaves, the bride’s mother and maid of honour with bridesmaids/pageboys are transported to the ceremony.

Sometimes the bride’s mother and bridesmaids follow the wedding car to the ceremony but it’s personal choice to decide if you want your mother to arrive at the same time as the bride or be waiting at the ceremony. The best man and the groom arrive together, usually driven by the best man.

If guests have to be transported en masse, some couples arrange a rendezvous from where everybody can be ferried using minibuses, a coach or something quirky such as a vintage or double-decker bus.

A back-up plan is always good

Other wedding transport tips to consider include:

  • Think ahead and plan your transport after the reception. Don’t be tempted to drive after the drinks.
  • Does the best man have a back-up driver?
  • If the bride’s journey has been in an elegant vintage car, choose a wacky type of transport from the ceremony to the reception that will grab everyone’s attention. So if you’ve always fancied getting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, here’s the chance to do it.
  • It’s as well to pass on the numbers of local taxi companies to your guests.
  • Keep contact details at hand if you need to get hold of someone in your wedding party at the last minute.
  • Before signing the contract, ask the hire company about the dress code for the chauffeur, extras such as champagne ­­­­– it is about experiencing the luxury in a posh car – or playing your favourite music as you’re being driven. It’s also fun to create a playlist for guests being transported in a coach or bus to get them in the party mood.

There are many online companies geared up to offer a range of vehicles for the big day. The more unusual are fire engines, tractor and trailers, campervans for those die-hard VW fans, horse-drawn carriages, 1950s American Cadillacs or Chevys and even vintage milk floats and tandem bikes. For those looking for a touch of celebrity glamour, some couples love the drama of arriving by helicopter or leaving by hot air balloon.

With a bit of imagination, your wedding wheels or transport can be far from ordinary.

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