Capturing all those special moments of a wedding has for a long time been the preserve of traditional photography and video making. But now there’s a new kid on the block.

Using drones for aerial photography at weddings is rapidly taking off, so what’s the great attraction?

Drone photography takes off for weddings

New dimension

Drones are remote-controlled quadcopters equipped with cameras and for many years they were used solely by the military for aerial surveillance. Now they have moved into a more glamorous field – the wedding business, where their versatility is proving a major draw. They provide a macro view of your wedding that people on the ground cannot see. Their attraction is that they open up a new dimension for the big event that traditional photography cannot provide.

Drones can capture spectacular panoramic views, give a different angle from the air, include all the guests and pick up every element of your wedding venue, particularly if it’s a beautiful location.

Rising popularity

Using a drone can compliment traditional photography by providing a unique perspective of the special day. While you can’t beat close-up images from traditional photography, drones can capture those spontaneous moments that are difficult to record on the ground. It won’t just be your techie friends who’ll be delighted if you opt for a drone.

A word of warning if you plan to go down the drone route: they’re not quiet and make a continuous, low humming sound, something you should bear in mind for the exchange of vows. Make sure the drones are grounded during that part of the ceremony. You only need to capture special moments and not the entire celebration.

Their novelty could also draw people’s attention away from the couple, so it’s best to use drones after the ceremony in the early stages of the reception when guests are milling about with their drinks.

Drone photography takes off for weddings

Licensed operator

An increasing number of people are buying drones to fly as a hobby, so it is important for safety reasons to rely on the skills of a licensed drone operator during a wedding. You will want the reassurance that someone is firmly in control.

There are strict rules for flying drones. They can only be flown on clear, calm days, so there’s no argument if they have to be grounded for safety reasons due to bad weather or high winds. They also can’t be flown indoors nor at tented weddings and in areas with lots of trees, overhead wires or too many telegraph poles.

Venue policy

Not every venue allows drones so it’s important to check their policy beforehand. If they do, you should also check whether the drone operator has the necessary permit from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly a drone for commercial purposes.

Wedding photographers and videographers who offer drone services should have public liability insurance. It’s wise to check that they do, so talk to the operator. Some venues have restrictive flying because they are open to the public or other guests. Many consider it an invasion of privacy, so the permission may only be for flights directly over the ceremony and reception. Again, it is important to find out what’s allowed.

New perspective

Now that drones have flown into the arena of traditional photography and video making, they offer couples a new perspective on their big day and an enhanced sense of scale. It’s an innovative way of capturing those precious moments that make for cherished memories.

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