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Even though it might feel like it, winter isn’t quite here yet, but it’s definitely on the way. The first official day of winter is the 22nd of December and despite the bitter cold English weather, it can be a lovely time for a wedding. If you’ve been invited to a winter wedding for the upcoming season and you’re not sure what to wear, we hope you find this article helpful.

Styling Tips

You can still look classy and glamorous in a warm winter-ready outfit, wrapped up yet stylish. A jacket and trouser combo can really look very smart, maintaining elegance but also keeping you warm. A jacket over any outfit is also ideal if you still want to wear a dress or skirt. You could opt for a jacket that cuts off at the waist or a longer jacket that comes down to the hips. Your choice of jacket should be based on your shape and of course the dress or outfit you have chosen Be sure to read our styling tips for different figures if you are unsure.

Fur trims, there is no better time for them! A fur or fur-trimmed jacket looks beautiful in the snow or against the frosty leaves.

Longer skirts or dresses, just cover up a bit more skin during the colder months and again you could match this with a jacket to complete the look.

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Colour choices are important when it comes to dressing for the seasons. Aubergines, emeralds and royal blues are popular choices, any deep colours that exhibit warmth and depth are winter winners. Summer is a much easier season to dress for, would you agree? In summer we know that light, floaty, bright and often floral is the way forward. Winter can be one of those awkward months where we are often torn between layering ourselves up, or wearing that gorgeous dress we’ve seen in the shop window. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be a choice, if you choose the right material, you are halfway there. Cashmere and velvet are typical warm materials, but anything heavy and thick is ideal.

Sensible Footwear

Winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear beautiful heels unless you’re going to a wonderland wedding in the snow of course! Closed toe heels or boot style heels are a good option for keeping the cold out, whilst still giving you the added height and elegance that heels often do.

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