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The way your dress fits is exactly what makes it so fantastic. This is why dress alterations are so common; to ensure the perfect fit for each individual. We are all unique and that means we are a variety of different shapes and sizes. Whilst dress designers try to cater for this, more often than not, a few tweaks from a seamstress can really make all the difference. Many women also change shape ever so slightly, between the time they purchase their outfit and the day of the event itself. Below we have shared some common types of dress alterations that you might require before the big day.

common types of dress alterations

Shortening The Length of a Dress

This type of alteration is more common for full-length dresses. No one wants their dress dragging on the floor and creating a tripping hazard. Often the length of a dress can be resolved with a higher heel, however, if you are slightly shorter, or you’d prefer to wear a flatter shoe, then taking the dress up is a sensible option. Dresses that are designed to cut off just below the knee, might fall too low on the shorter lady and again will require taking up.

Sides Taken In

It’s also very common for dresses to be taken in at the sides, to create that perfect fit all the way down the body. This will either be needed at the sides of the bust, the waist, or the hips. This might sound like a lot of work, but a good seamstress will be able to perform these common alterations without leaving any evidence. A strapless dress often requires taking in at the bust, to stop the dress from slipping down throughout the course of the day.

Adjusting the Straps

If you’ve chosen a dress with straps, or even a one shoulder strapped dress, you might find that it will sit better after the straps have been lifted slightly. This adjustment is small, but it can have a big impact on the way the rest of the dress is presented.

If you’re purchasing your dress quite a few months before the event, we advise coming in for a fitting nearer the time. This allows for any changes in the fit that might be a result of weight you have gained or lost since the last fitting. Our wonderful team at Compton House of Fashion are always on hand to advise when alterations might be necessary, so if you have any concerns during your shopping experience, please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you feel necessary.

Our in-house seamstress Susan puts your individual needs before anything else and produces high-quality alterations because she knows that the way your dress fits, is everything. A fitting with our seamstress is booked for 30 minutes, by appointment only. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding alterations.

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