A Complete Guide to Special Ocassion Etiquette


What is etiquette and why is it important? Debrett’s, the famous coaching company and authority on how to conduct yourself during social occasions, defines etiquette as ‘a set of guidelines that have evolved to make everyone feel welcomed and valued, to make everyday life easier, removing anxiety and awkwardness.’ Following the correct etiquette allows everyone, from guests to hosts to staff, to feel relaxed and able to enjoy themselves at formal occasions.

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A Guide to Wedding Guest Dress Etiquette

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Everyone wants their wedding to be incredibly special so they can remember it as one of the best days of their life. You can help make this come true by being an excellent guest and sticking to the dress code. Dress codes are there so that everyone not only looks fabulous and dressed to impress on the day, but so the bride and groom can look back on the pictures of the day with happiness. Wearing informal wear detracts from the occasion of the day and sends out a message that you couldn’t be bothered to put in any effort.

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A Guide to Plus Sizes for Mother of the Bride & Groom

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It’s time to start shopping for the big day! If you’re a mother of the bride/groom, you’re going to need something fabulous to wear. But where to start? Bridal magazines and blogs are brimming with ideas for what’s on trend, but the most popular styles don’t necessarily suit everyone.

Rather than following fashion trends, it’s much more important to find something that flatters you and your body shape. You want to feel comfortable and confident at the wedding, from holding back the tears in the ceremony to all those photographs taken later on.

Here then is our handy guide to help you find a figure-flattering plus size outfit that will make you feel simply fabulous (but not too fabulous – you don’t want to upstage the bride after all.)

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Common Types of Dress Alterations

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The way your dress fits is exactly what makes it so fantastic. This is why dress alterations are so common; to ensure the perfect fit for each individual. We are all unique and that means we are a variety of different shapes and sizes. Whilst dress designers try to cater for this, more often than not, a few tweaks from a seamstress can really make all the difference. Many women also change shape ever so slightly, between the time they purchase their outfit and the day of the event itself. Below we have shared some common types of dress alterations that you might require before the big day.

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Embracing & Dressing Your Gorgeous Plus-Size Figure

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With magazines, TV and social media full of models who appear to have the ‘perfect’ figure, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is an off-the-peg size. Did you know that 45% of British women are sizes 16 plus?

Although typically 16+ is considered ‘plus-size’, it really is open for debate as to where this label begins; many designers have shown that sizing is not universal.

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The Perfect Dress for Any Shape

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No matter what your body shape, we can promise that there is the perfect dress waiting for you. With such a variety of different body types out there, we have dresses to cater for them all! So whether you’re pear-shaped, hourglass, broad-shouldered, apple-shaped or straight and lean, whatever your figure… there is a style that will extenuate it, in just the right way.

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Shopping Tips for Mothers of the Bride & Groom

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There is an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to dresses. It’s such a special day, it’s so important you choose something that you’ll feel brilliant in, and something that will look great in all the photos too! Your outfit needs to complement the bride, but at the same time, let everyone know that you are of course the mother. so where do you possibly start with all this choice?

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