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If your daughter or son is about to be wed, you are no doubt looking forward to the big day full of anticipation and excitement. This can be one of the proudest moments in a mother’s life, so it goes without saying that you want to look your absolute best and get everything right for your family.

When it comes to weddings not everyone wants to follow tradition, and that’s perfectly okay. That being said, some couples like to keep certain elements traditional, even within a more modern setting. Let’s take a look at some of the traditional vs nontraditional proceedings for the mothers.

Traditional vs Nontraditional

The Parents Meet

For some engaged couples it could well be the case that their parents have never previously met each other. To avoid the wedding day itself being the very first time both families meet, the traditionally wrote to the groom’s family to organise a date to meet-up and discuss the wedding over food and drinks.

As times have changed over the years, many couples typically live together, or even have children together prior to getting married. It’s therefore not uncommon for their parents to have already met or even be good friends.

The Dress

Traditionally the bride’s mother would purchase her dress before the mother and it was then her duty to communicate her dress choice in regard to the style and colour. This then allowed for the mother to purchase her dress afterwards and avoid clashing colours. Your daughter is likely to put her suggestions forward and might even insist on a particular colour palette as well.

Nowadays if both families are close, it’s not uncommon for the mothers to go dress shopping together, or to discuss ideas before either person has had a chance to purchase their outfit. There seems to be less hierarchy in most cases.

The Hat

Traditionally no one else was allowed to wear a larger or more extravagant hat than the bride’s Mum. In addition to this, the rest of the wedding party would keep their hat on until she removed hers first, signalling for the other guests to do so too. Today, not everyone who attends a wedding is even aware of this rule, so it’s often forgotten and certainly not followed strictly.

Wedding Planning

Planning for a wedding is all part of the excitement, but it can get overwhelming trying to balance guests, venues, decor and of course the all-important outfit choices. This is usually where the Mum steps in and helps with all of the organising to take the pressure of the bride and make the whole experience much more enjoyable. Typically this is one tradition that everyone likes to keep, but wedding planning can also extend to both sides of the family as well as including friends.

There are many reasons why traditions might not be followed exactly, often families are a lot larger than years ago, with step mum’s and extended family playing important roles, and in many cases stepping in to take the role of helping plan the wedding and assisting the bride on the day. Everything about a wedding is a personal choice of the bride and groom, so always consult them before assuming traditions will or won’t be followed.

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