Special Occasion Dresses for Graduation Day 04

Maybe some of us can remember the day we dropped off our little son or daughter at pre or primary school. They were all excited and nervous, new haircuts and uniforms way too big (“don’t worry you’ll grow into it !”) and you were equally nervous and tearful that they are leaving you. Fast forward many years of ballet, football, school projects, exams and sleep overs and you are now checking your diary and planning for their forthcoming graduation ceremony. 

Where did that time go and how did they change from Lego to lectures and from Plasticine to pints in the Student Union bar? As parents and carers of those students in education, regardless of age, there comes a time when all that hard work needs to be acknowledged and it’s our last chance to have our “proud mum moment!”

Graduation and “Passing out Parades” or ceremonies are held throughout the year depending on the university. They can be carried out in a more formal manner where the process, which dates back to around the 12th or 13th century. They can be spoken entirely in Latin and graduates have to attend on-line tutorials to help them understand what on earth to do on the day! Newer universities still consider this an important ceremony but prefer to conduct it in English – making it easier for everyone, however smart dress codes still need to be observed.

Special Occasion Dresses for Graduation Day 04

So the typical dress for the student is a gown with a hood which originates from Medieval times where universities were mainly staffed and lessons taught by monks and clergymen. What about the square black cap ?-this comes from our Swedish neighbours in about the mid 8th century, who chose to wear a white sailor’s hat with blue border and over the years we have adapted it to black and used this too.

So how about your Special Occasion Dress

This would be a good time for us to think about you and your special occasion outfit and how it fits into the day for wearability, comfort, photo opportunities and hopefully an outfit that you could use for lots more special occasions to follow. Fortunately, caps and gowns are not a necessary addition to your wardrobe but here at Compton House of Fashion we have an amazing choice of wearable and flattering special occasion dresses with hats or fascinators to complement the whole look for you.

One designer that we love for these super-special occasions is Condici where effortless style meets comfort and flattering lines. Condici are already well known for their mother of the bride dresses. The Georgina outfit shown here in a fresh and chic navy and pink crepe and ruched fabric with soft, rounded “Bardot” neckline. It is a forgiving comfortable design all completed with a beautiful diamante embellishment at the waist – this, we believe is, a special occasion outfit that is an absolute winner for that special graduation day!

Special Occasion Dresses for Graduation Day 01
Condici Ruched Georgina Dress in Pink Macaron and Navy Style no 70961

Special Occasion Hats & Fascinators

Thoughts need to now go to Hats & Fascinators and those all important accessories for this fabulously wearable outfit and a good place to start has got to be at the top!

The hat or Fascinator can be the one thing that really completes this look and what you choose is up to you – there are no rules here, go for comfortable and flattering colours and styles. Fascinators have head band construction which means your hairstyle is not going to be crushed and flattened – the dreaded “Hat-Hair!” and to top it all – they are incredibly easy to pop on and whip off.

This amazing large fascinator has an asymmetric down turned brim in matching pink and navy with stunning bow and embellishments shown above being worn with the Condici Georgina Layered and Lace outfit style number 70985.

Special Occasion Dresses for Graduation Day 02

This lovely hatinator is a smaller shape and design but still adorned with feathers, gems and an attractive bow at the crown, seen here being worn with the Condici outfit Sunray Pleat Lace dress and matching jacket in navy and pink, style number 70947.

Special Occasion Dresses for Graduation Day 03

Special Occasion Bags & Shoes

And finally shoes and bags are a vital addition to bring your whole look together and we have such a lovely range of both these accessories to complement your completed look. Comfortable shoes in beautiful soft pinks and stunning blues, embellished and matching neat and usable bags to stow away those essential items, perfect for this special occasion day!

Graduation day is an exciting event in any student’s and their families calender,the hard work has paid off,they made it through Freshers Week,lectures,launderettes and dubious housemates and they are now ready to step out into the Big World and it’s your chance to celebrate,but it’s also your time to look stunning and be a proud Mummy too!

We also Supply Wedding Guest Dresses and Outfits, Mother of the Bride & Groom Outfits & Dresses and Dresses for the Races for any occasion at this very special time for you & the family.

Posted by Gill Tincknell for Compton House of Fashion

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