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Did you know that at the last count there were well over 230,000 weddings in the UK last year. But this year being a Leap Year those figures could increase with brave Brides to Be getting down on one knee and popping the question to their maybe hesitant Groom!

a leap of faith 01

St. Bridget of Kildare – Helping Women get their Man

So when did this tradition start? Well a very independent and forward thinking fifth century Irish nun by the name of St Brigid of Kildare decided that the men in the area were not being very forthcoming in the proposal department and allowed the local girls to start doing the proposing.

Historically girls were supposed to wear red petticoats if proposing was their intention. And if the groom refused? Well there would be a fine for him and gifts such as gloves and handkerchiefs would have to be given to the disappointed bride.

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St. Bridget of Kildare

Many modern brides are now far more independent thinking and will suggest a wedding if they want it and do away with tradition!

This upending of traditions can filter down through the whole of the wedding itself, with both brides and grooms having equal input in planning, resulting in a wedding that is totally unique and authentic to them.

All this can sometimes leave the mother of the bride or groom reeling with indecision and confusion. This is where our team at Compton House of Fashion can step in and help with their choices in colour, designer and budget.

Where to Start

So once the date has been set, it stands to reason that the real work needs to start. While, of course, the bride and her beautiful gown is all important, the next part of the planning has to be that of the mother of the bride and her dress. We all know that planning a wedding can be really challenging but it should also be great fun. It’s important to give the mother of the bride lots of time, get good advice and plan, plan and then of course plan a little bit more.

Weddings and mother of the bride outfits do not necessarily have to play completely by the rules. Like this Leap Year proposal you can look at what is new and interesting in wedding outfits and give it your own fresh and unique twist without committing a wedding fashion faux pas!

a leap of faith 03 tea dresses flow
Tea Dresses – easy flowing flattering design for a unique outfit Style number 991416

These beautiful dresses fall between knee length and maxi and offer flowing lines, a hint of an ankle and adding a flattering and elegant line to most body shapes and sizes. A perfect design for each season (adding a pashmina or shrug in cooler months or opting for tanned bare arms for summer).

Whatever the weather this option will give a Mother of the Bride a classic, modern and wearable outfit. Think easy to wear, gorgeous fabrics and flowing lines and this may be the design you are looking for, particularly great for mothers of the bride who prefer a cover – up for their legs and comfort over structure.

And the origins of Tea Dresses? Well as the name implies it was a dress worn mainly for taking afternoon tea at home (specifically between 5 p.m and 7 p.m ). It was also for receiving visitors and maybe those potential bridegrooms and it could be put on quickly and easily without help from a maid (particularly if the guests were unexpected!). It could then be changed out of, in preparation for the evening meal.

Having an outfit for a particular meal does sound pretty grand doesn’t it? A luxury item was certainly only for those that could afford it. How easier our lives seem now in comparison.

Getting Ahead

So that’s a potential unique wedding outfit option. Lets look at that all important mother of the bride hat or fascinator.

Whether you are a lover or hater of hats, there’s no denying that hats are a popular accessory, adding a special touch to any outfit, particularly that of the Mother of the Bride.

However, in this Leap Year, let’s think how our thoroughly modern bride would want this outfit to be completed-maybe opt for instead a headband, hatinator, clip or slide (fresh or faux flowers and glitzy bejewelled). The possibilities are endless and are only determined by what is flattering, wearable and fits within the budget.

Hatinators are not just for guests and headbands are now no longer just for little girls. Designers are jumping on board with these unique and modern additions to a wedding outfit. What does a hatinator add to the Mother of the Bride outfit? Clearly it has to be easy to use. Photographically you are visible for all the important shots and hair-wise you never have to fear the dreaded “hat-hair” -your hair wo;; looks amazing but with an added modern twist.

a leap of faith 04 hatinator john charles
A stylish Hatinator by John Charles Style Number 26867A

Here at Compton House of Fashion our helpful and patient team feels confident that every mother of the bride will find that perfect outfit. With planning and time each member of staff are able to steer even the most uncertain customer towards a unique and special outfit for that unique Leap Year Bride and her wonderful wedding!

Gill Tinknell for Compton House of Fashion


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