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No matter what your body shape, we can promise that there is the perfect dress waiting for you. With such a variety of different body types out there, we have dresses to cater for them all! So whether you’re pear-shaped, hourglass, broad-shouldered, apple-shaped or straight and lean, whatever your figure… there is a style that will extenuate it, in just the right way.

Pear Shaped

For a pear-shaped figure, it works well to balance the top half of your body with the fuller bottom half. You can do this in a number of ways; by choosing an outfit that broadens your shoulders, like puffed or padded sleeves, by layering your top half with a jacket, or by wearing a pattern that draws the eye upwards. You also want to show off that gorgeous waistline with a wrap or a dress with an empire line. For wider hips, an A-line can work really well.


If you have a beautiful hourglass figure, you want to really show off the outline of your body, by wearing something that defines your bust and your waist. Something fitted is going to look absolutely stunning. An hourglass figure can be quite an easy one to dress since you can be more flexible with certain aspects, such as the neckline, sleeves and bottom half of the outfit. Once you’ve got it right with the perfect waistline you can pull of a number of styles, from A-line to pencil skirt.

Broad Shoulders

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, a nice style for your body type is one that broadens your hips, focuses on your waist and avoids broadening your shoulders further. Dresses with large straps or halter necks should be avoided, but outfits with a straight line and waist details are perfect. Patterns and detailing should be focused on the bottom half of the outfit, with the upper half kept simple and plain.

Straight Up & Down

If you have narrow shoulders, with a small bust and waist, you could be described as lean, or straight up and down. You might be lacking a bit of shape, so the ideal styles to look for, are the ones which can create the appearance of curves around your waist and on your upper half. A high waisted style would work really nicely, with a jacket that cuts in at the waist too. Square necklines and very fitted styles should be avoided for this type of body shape.

Apple Shaped

If you have rounded shoulders and a rounded tummy, you are the wonderful apple shape. Try to choose something that has detailing above the bust and/or below the hips, keep the rest of the outfit quite simple for a flawless look with this body shape. A straight line dress would be an ideal choice for an apple shaped figure.

If you’re not sure what body type you have, try looking in the mirror and follow the outline of your body from your shoulders down to your knees. The shape your body creates will usually fall into one of the categories above. If you are searching for the perfect outfit, then come and visit our shop in Somerset and meet the team. We will be happy to help you find the right style for your shape, so you can leave our shop feeling gorgeous and confident.

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