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No mother of the bride or groom outfit is complete without some form of accessory, whether that’s a hat, a bag, a purse, or a piece of jewellery. Accessories can make or break your outfit, so knowing how to match them up with your attire correctly, is really useful. Find out how to transform your look in this blog post.


When you select a hat to wear with your outfit, you need to think about not just how it fits with the dress, but also how it looks against your facial features. For example, a wide-brimmed hat usually suits a rounder face shape. If you’re going to purchase your hat or hatinator separately to the dress, either on a different day or from two different places, it’s really important you try on the hat with your outfit, shoes and jewellery so you can see the completed look.

Choosing the Right Hats, Hatinators & Jewellery


Hatinators are a really popular choice, they sit at an angle allowing your face to be seen and your hair-style to remain in-tact. They are often described as ‘percher’ hats, they are great alternatives to hats and they can add a lot to a special occasion outfit. Did you know that traditionally the mother leads the removal of hats, hatinators and fascinators? When the mother removes her hat, this is an invitation for other ladies to remove theirs too.


The Do’s:

Match your jewellery with your dress and not with your shoes. If you’re wearing a plain dress which is mostly one colour with limited detail, try choosing jewellery that picks out these colours.

Choosing the Right Hats, Hatinators & Jewellery

Look at the neckline of the dress to decide where necklaces will sit best. Matching the neckline with the jewellery can really add to the dress, as shown in the image below. However you don’t have to stick to that rule, a longer necklace will accentuate the neck and if the dress itself has a higher neckline, jewellery that finishes at the bustline will draw the eyes down to your waist.

Choosing the Right Hats, Hatinators & Jewellery

A plain one-colour dress, particularly black, navy and other darker toned dresses, will suit a matching jewellery set; such as a matching necklace, bracelet and earring set. Or you could opt for one statement item to add in a second colour to the outfit.

The Don’ts:

Don’t wear large statement pieces of jewellery with floral, or ‘busy’ patterned outfits. What we mean is, don’t overdo it. Sometimes less is more, one beautiful bracelet might be better if your outfit already has a lot going on.

Avoid wearing clashing items, such as red jewellery with pink or orange dress shades. If you want to wear silver or gold, choose one and avoid wearing both at the same time. You want the outfit to look well put together, but a gold necklace with a silver bracelet and earrings might look slightly mismatched.

If you are thinking about visiting Compton House of Fashion for your outfit, our team are always on hand to make suggestions regarding matching up hats, accessories and jewellery. You can read more about wedding hats and fascinators here.

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