Ruche Outfits

A design detail involving folds or pleats of material – why not give your outfit a swoosh with ruche.

Lighter than light, like a mousse, the ruche is an ancient sewing technique which comes from the French word to plait and is a stylish silhouette-enhancing detail on outfits at Compton House.

Ruche Outfits…

Sash Dresses

The sash has been cutting a bit of a dash around the waists of men and women throughout history.

The term actually describes a ribbon or a band which hangs either over one shoulder or runs around the waist and really adds a bit of pomp and elegance to your wedding outfit or special occasion dress.

Sash Dresses…

Bow Wedding Outfits

In the fashion world we have been coming to bows as a trimming treat to dresses and hairstyles throughout history.

In fact bows have always been quite fanciful finery. In well-loved fairytales the heroines such as Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland would often be seen with a dainty bow in their hair. They are girly-twirly as well as flouncy and fun.

Bow Wedding Outfits

Bolero Jacket and Wedding Outfits

The bolero jacket, originally a Spanish short coat worn by men, is now firmly established as a cover-up to complete an outfit, as well as an ideal way to keep stylishly warm when there is a nip in the air.

This dainty little cropped coat, which is, if you want the proper definition, actually a short, open jacket which doesn’t reach the waist, has been gracing the female form for well over a century. Back in the 19th century there were a few similar short jackets making their mark, known also as a Zouave or Eton.

Bolero Jacket and Wedding Outfits…